Jamaican Hidden Gems: Sun, Seafood and White Sand Beach.

Jamaican Hidden Gems: Sun, Seafood and White Sand Beach.

Recently I returned home to my beautiful island of Jamaica and while there I decided to visit and highlight some of its hidden gems. This will therefore be the first in a series of posts, reserved specially for the land of my birth, that celebrate some of its unknown wonders. Lucky for me one of these hidden gems is only about 10 -15 minutes from my hometown of Lionel Town in Clarendon.

Fishing boats line the beach in Rocky Point.


Local fisherman with a rather large catch of the day.

Rocky Point is a fishing town located at the southernmost tip of Jamaica (that little tail of the island on the map). Fishing is indeed a staple in this town, as evidenced by the many fishing boats that line the beach in Rocky Point. It is a great place to get fresh-from-the-ocean fish, lobster, shrimp, conch and more at quite a reasonable price as compared to other areas on the island. But if you are looking to enjoy tasty, made-to-order seafood cooked Jamaican style, then White Sand Beach is where you want to be.


For a lot of Jamaicans there are some key places that come to mind when they think of good seafood, and in my neck of the woods at least, these places tend to include Hellshire or Little Ochi. White Sand Beach in Rocky Point definitely needs to be added to that list.

The Look

Beautiful cabanas for a relaxing meal by the sea.


I arrived at the restaurant with my sister Francine just in time to watch the sunset by the sea, accented by the authentic ambience of the fishing village. The restaurant is quite easy to find, with a rather large sign on its gate indicating its location on the beach at Rocky Point. There is also ample parking whether on the inside grounds of the restaurant or just outside by the beach. Upon entering I immediately fell in love with White Sand Beach, which boasts a bar and quaint thatch roofed cabanas where patrons can enjoy their meal with a gorgeous view of the sea. The restaurant also caters for events and has a volleyball net and basketball hoop on the sand for even more added fun (work retreat anyone?).

Who’s up for beach volleyball?!

The Food

Enjoying my steamed fish and bammy! Yummm!


As if I wasn’t already taken by the laid-back and characteristically tropical atmosphere, the food was definitely the clincher for me. I wanted to have steamed fish and, as with any worthwhile Jamaican seafood restaurant, I got to pick my fish! My sister and I decided to pick one big fish and split it, which even so we were plenty satisfied.  Our meals arrived in fine style with several slices of steamed bammy (a Jamaican flatbread made from cassava), okras, pumpkin and carrots. I absolutely loved every bite of it!

To top off a great meal, two fish dinners, two Tings (Jamaican grapefruit soda) and one Heineken later, our bill was a little over $20 USD (now that’s my kinda seafood restaurant). Now for those who aren’t familiar with other well-known seafood restaurants like Hellshire or Little Ochi, what we paid would have likely covered the fish alone minus the sides and drinks at these restaurants. Needless to say discovering White Sand Beach was for me quite a pleasant surprise and an obvious hidden gem that seafood lovers in Jamaica should give a try.



Of course, in my review, I want to give my readers the good as well as the bad. For me, the best time to visit this restaurant would be in the day time, as once night fell there were quite a few mosquitoes that surrounded us. This problem could be easily solved if they were to add tiki torches or citronella candles, which would actually complement the ambience of the restaurant. Otherwise I really had no negative critiques of the restaurant. It is definitely one I plan to return to (in the day, lol) as my other sisters and I have decided to visit with the rest of the family.

So if you are looking for a seafood experience that won’t break the bank but is sure to please the senses, give White Sand Beach a try and let me know what you think. Until then I will be looking for more Jamaican hidden gems for my fellow Roamans to enjoy when in roam.

19 thoughts on “Jamaican Hidden Gems: Sun, Seafood and White Sand Beach.

  1. That was such a great experience and I am definitely looking forward to revisiting with you and the rest of our family. The shots we got of the beach are breathtaking. Such a beautiful place.

  2. I went there valentines night and it was awesome . Imagine having candle light dinner by the ocean while slow seductive music plays in the background. Sorry Jody, but I wasn’t aware of the mosquitoes since I was caught up in the moment. Lol!

    1. Glad to know it isn’t a regular experience Shan, the mosquitoes I mean. Indeed Valentines must be an amazing experience at this beach paradise.

  3. I went with my sis and the kids and am telling u from the moment we reach I fell in love with this place the atmosphere and the wind of the ocean omg was something to die for and not to mention the good food I have the fry fish and festival my sister have the steam fish and bammy and I have some new drink don’t remember the name of it but it was good all I can say I will go back a thousand time and I can’t wait to go this summer and how can I forget the waitress their were so friendly and loving white sand is the place to be

  4. The best always enjoy my visit there and I go there all the time and never experience mosquitoes, I guess they like your fresh blood… Lollll

  5. I love this, Rockkkky Pint!! Jodi! Looks like evolution happened, I will definitely make the effort to dig up old pics of the place , well after 86′ flood. Best tasting roast fish in the world!! Was thinking about visiting, now you have convinced me…my little Jodi! Great read, beautiful photography.

  6. Never knew there existed such a spot in my parish! Definitely will be taking a trip there shortly.
    Thanks for this.

  7. Thanks Jodi,
    great for the review you do on our restaurant, and hope you will come back soon with lot more of your frens this time…
    For our event experience too and we’llbe having one coming up soon easter monday…. April17… Its goin to be great, sml..
    Thanks again jodi.

    1. Sure, it was a pleasure being at your restaurant and I look forward to returning. Not sure I will be in the island for Easter but you guys will definitely see me again along with friends and family. Thanks for a great experience!

  8. Amazing…I been telling my friends and family about this place and they said next trip to Jamaica it’s a muss 👍

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